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Avalon Chair

The Flexible Solution For Growing Studios

Inspired by Joseph Pilates' original Arm Chair. Original concept by world-renowned teacher Rael Isacowitz and developed in collaboration with Balanced Body.


The Avalon® Arm Chair is a complete redesign of the original, and vastly increases the number of exercise options. It provides 100% of the functionality of Joseph Pilates' Arm Chair, plus many of the exercise possibilities of the Trapeze Table (Cadillac) and Ladder Barrel.


•Six spring arm attachment points provide resistance that is fully adjustable, in multiple planes. The spring attachments allow instructors to create novel angles of pull and exercise sequences, with varying resistance.

•Using the Avalon® Arm Chair in combination with the Avalon Box creates a mat surface like the Trapeze Table. Seated, standing, prone, supine, kneeling and lateral exercises are possible, along with rotational work.

•The rounded top of the Avalon Arm Chair can be used to perform many exercises from the Ladder Barrel repertoire, with the addition of spring resistance for arms and legs.

•Avalon Arm Chair’s modified shape reinforces up