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Avalon Step Barrel

Introduce a new dimension in Pilates, for classical or contemporary repertoire. Superior comfort, better ergonomics, vastly expanded performance.

The new Avalon® Step Barrel is a complete redesign of Joseph Pilates' original Spine Corrector, from an original concept by world-renowned teacher Rael Isacowitz and developed in collaboration with Balanced Body. It provides 100% of the functionality of Joseph Pilates' Spine Corrector, plus the groundbreaking addition of a full spring system for resistance-based repertoire.

What’s New?


•Elongated shape and rounded step are more ergonomic, and allows safe, full support of back and head. More user-friendly for larger and/or less flexible users.

•Springs allow resistance exercises formerly possible only on the Trapeze Table (Cadillac) and Reformer.

•Adjustable handles accommodate a variety of exercises and body types.

•Convenient fold-out mat - comfortable and stable surface when needed, folds underneath to store.


The Avalon Step Barrel can be purchased as a stand-alone product, or with a complete Accessory Package (also sold separately).