Combo Chair

The most stable and strongest on the market

Wheels for easy moving. The Pilates Chair is the ultimate for space-saving Pilates. And now we've added wheels to our Combo Chair for easy moving. Designed to stretch and strengthen muscle groups not easily reached by more traditional techniques and equipment. Evolved from Wunda Chair system, our padded split step adds the dimension of rotational and reciprocal movement of the extremities. Conceived by Brent Anderson, PhD, PT, OCS, the enhancements make the Combo Chair versatile, and its height makes it ideal for use at the end of a Trapeze Table.


Our Combo Chair is the most stable and strongest on the market. Can be ordered with black upholstery only.



•Exclusive Cactus Resistance System features a springtree that makes spring changes simple, fast and safe. 5 spring attachment positions (4 in back and 1 in front).

•Split and single step. For single step, insert a dowel. Step pivots on self-lubricating bearings for smooth operation.

•4 springs (2 white, 2 black). Choose your resistance - 2 springs on each pedal.

•Padded, soft step in non-slip material.

•Sound-dampening pad beneath step.

•Maple-faced hardwood laminate with padded top.

•Quick changing, locking padded handles adjust to 3 heights. Can be removed.

•Wheels for portability (mounted on back).

•Specifications: Height: 25.5" (65cm) Length: 28.5" (72cm) Width: 27.5" (70cm), including handles and knobs (53cm).

•Stock upholstery: black.


Upgrades & Accessories



Chair Wheel Bracket Retrofit

An enhancement for older Combo Chairs. Wheel Bracket is mounted at the bottom of the back of the chair. Assembly requires drill.



Cactus Retrofit Kit

Retrofit kits are available for Combo Chairs with hourglass spring mounts and eyebolt mounts with carabiner attachments. Assembly requires a drill. Note: if your chair has eyebolt mounts, you must purchase new springs (the old ones will be too short).