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Balanced Body Pilates


About HF Industries


Balanced Body Pilates equipment is sold and serviced in Australia by HF Industries. We are a family owned and operated company that has been serving the needs of the Australasian Health and Wellness industry for more than 37 years. It is our pleasure to provide you with our Balanced Body Pilates equipment! View our full range of equipment including commercial cardio, strength, and fitness training aids at


About Balanced Body Inc


Who We Are

Now in our fifth decade as agents of healthy change…

Balanced Body has always believed that mindful movement like Pilates changes people’s lives. Our passion for positive change has resulted in our becoming the world’s largest provider of Pilates equipment and education. We were the first Pilates company to substantially update Joseph Pilates’ equipment by combining state-of-the-art engineering, materials and technology with a modern understanding of human biomechanics. Our fearless leader (a.k.a. our founder and CEO), Ken Endelman, designed hundreds of improvements to Pilates’ original equipment, many of which have since become industry standards. Balanced Body has been awarded 28 US patents, and numerous foreign patents for his inventions, with more patents pending.


Our story starts here…

Way back in 1976 Ken began his career as a designer and craftsman of fine custom furniture in Hollywood's fashionable Melrose Avenue district. That background is still evident in every piece of hand-finished equipment our company makes. One day a potential customer came into the store. She taught an exercise called Pilates and wanted Ken to build her a better version of something called a Reformer. Ken had never heard of this exercise or equipment, but he was intrigued. He studied the equipment and Joseph Pilates' original designs, then consulted with other instructors to design new features with new materials that would facilitate the execution of the movements. The result? A modern Reformer that was smoother, quieter, safer and more user-friendly. And a new career for Ken.


Throughout the 1980s, Ken continued to refine Pilates equipment, consulting with the most influential people in the industry including some of the original students of Joseph Pilates himself: Ron Fletcher, Eve Gentry, Carola Trier and Kathy Grant. That refinement continues today and keeps Balanced Body at the forefront of Pilates equipment design.


An advocate for the Pilates community

The more Ken continued his work the more fascinated he was by the Pilates method and what he saw it doing in people’s lives. He became deeply connected with the Pilates community and his vision for Balanced Body was to become not just a manufacturer of equipment, but an advocate of this special community. This commitment became dramatically evident when Ken took the lead in the Pilates trademark dispute, winning the lawsuit that made the Pilates name freely available to everyone.


Proud to partner with fantastic educators

Throughout the years Balanced Body has forged strong partnerships with the world’s leading Pilates educators, both classical and contemporary. We actively promote and nurture relationships that bring high-quality education to the fitness industry and the medical community, the athletic community and to Pilates enthusiasts.


Balanced Body provides Pilates instructor training, CoreAlign® instructor training, and continuing education opportunities that are stimulating, personal and deeply rooted in the art and science of movement.


So what’s it all mean?

From experienced instructors to first-timers, we want everybody to realize the amazing benefits of this remarkable exercise and other mind-body exercise methods. From equipment to education to DVDs, we want to make sure we have exactly what you need to make a healthy change in your life.


About Our Equipment


Superior Equipment for All People, All Backgrounds

Over the years Balanced Body® has been on a mission to create the most safe, effective, and beautiful equipment in the industry – equipment that works with all body sizes, and with different Pilates disciplines.


Whatever your background – contemporary, traditional, or somewhere in between – we have equipment you’ll be proud to own.


Unparalleled Design, Materials and Craftsmanship:


  • Rock Maple=gorgeous Pilates equipment

  • Sleek, classic designswith smooth, rounded corners

  • Quiet, ultra-smooth Reformer carriages

  • A truly beautiful wood finish

  • Nickel-plated, carbon steel springs for safety and durability

  • Built to last - limited lifetime warranties on, the wood frames of all our Reformers, Trapeze Table and Reformer Trapeze Combinations. Ten-Year Warranties on, Allegro Reformer frames and footbars, Ladder Barrels, Step Barrels, Wunda Chairs, Combo Chairs, Arm Chairs, Wall Towers, Springboards, Towers and Foot Correctors (excluding springs and mechanical wear parts).

  • Fast delivery, and custom orders at your fingertips


Rock Maple=gorgeous, long-lasting Pilates equipment

We use Rock Maple because it’s extraordinarily strong and durable. It has a tighter, denser, and more consistent grain than soft maple or oak. As a result, it has greater resistance to expansion and contraction from changes in temperature and humidity.


That means the joints (with dowels hidden in the frame) remain strong, the frame remains straight and true and, in all honesty, it’s made to last almost forever.


Classic design - sleek and beautiful

One thing we’re proud of is how truly beautiful our equipment is. We work hard at it. Take a close look and you’ll see – every edge is sculpted and smooth – there are no sharp corners. It's appealing to the eye and inviting to the touch.

Smooth, quiet and stable Reformer carriages


Balanced Body carriages are designed for maximum stability with minimum friction. They roll smoothly and silently without rubbing or hesitating. They are lightweight, yet strong and stable. This means you are in control, not the machine.


Durable conversion lacquer for a beautiful finish

This catalyzed conversion lacquer is good stuff; hospital furniture manufacturers use it because it’s super hygienic. Plus, our extra-tough finish resists abrasion, cleaning agents, bacteria and perspiration. And it really brings out the beauty of the wood grain.


Nickel-plated, carbon steel springs for safety and durability

High-quality springs are really important for safety. We use nickel-plated, carbon steel springs – these are the best for strength, resilience and durability.


Heavy-duty, easy-to-clean upholstery

The heavy gauge vinyl we use wipes clean with common cleaning agents and provides superior resistance to scuffing, perspiration, bacteria and stains.


As always, your questions, comments and suggestions are welcome. We also welcome you to request a catalog.







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