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Equipment Safety Guide and Assembly Instructions

Helpful Documents About Balanced Body EquipmentRemember, in the interest of everyone's safety and convenience, all part purchases, including Springs, require a valid Balanced Body serial number so that we can ensure we are providing the correct parts for your machine. 


Assembly instructions

Assembly instructions are shipped with all our equipment. Here are copies of those documents as downloadable PDFs, plus helpful videos on a variety of topics.




  • Add-a-Platform™ [PDF]

  • Allegro® 2 Reformer [PDF]

  • Allegro® 2 Footbar Cover [PDF]

  • Allegro® 2 Options and Accessories [PDF]

  • Allegro® 2 Undercarriage Covers [PDF]

  • Allegro® Reformer [PDF]

  • Allegro® Latch [PDF]

  • Allegro® Legs [PDF]

  • Allegro® Wall Strap [PDF]

  • CenterLine™ Reformer [PDF]

  • Clinical Reformer® [PDF]

  • Fletcher Reformer [PDF]

  • Konnector™ [PDF]

  • Konnector™ Lite [PDF]

  • Konnector™ Lite Upgrade Kit [PDF]

  • Legacy Reformer® [PDF]

  • Reformer with Tower [PDF]

  • Reformer/Trapeze Combination™ [PDF]

  • Revo Footbar®/Springbar [PDF]

  • Pilates IQ Reformer [PDF]

  • Pilates IQ Reformer with locking levers [PDF]

  • Pilates Sport® Reformer [PDF]

  • Plunger Lockout Knobs [PDF]

  • Studio Reformer® [PDF]


Trapeze and Towers


  • Allegro® 2 Tower [PDF]

  • Allegro® 2 F.I.T. Kit [PDF]

  • Allegro® Tower of Power [PDF]

  • CenterLine™ Cadillac [PDF]

  • CenterLine™ Tower [PDF]

  • Convertible Push-Through Bar [PDF]

  • F.I.T Kit [PDF]

  • Tower Bracket Retrofit Kit [PDF]

  • Reformer with Tower [PDF]

  • Reformer/Trapeze Combination™ [PDF]

  • Trapeze Table (Cadillac) [ PDF]

  • Wall Tower [PDF]







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