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Balanced Body Pilates Instructor Training

Turn your passion into your career!

Join the Balanced Body Pilates family and find education, support and community to develop your Pilates career. We are the leader in Mind-Body Education with a global network of master instructors and authorized training centres in over 50 countries. Our talented, dedicated educators combine the best of traditional and contemporary Pilates to bring you a thorough understanding of the Pilates method.


Accredited Training Centres

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Coming Soon

Balanced Body Education Au / NZ Master Trainers

  • Kristen Abbott - Australia

  • Michael Abbott - Australia

  • Tanya Cates - Australia

  • Lani Finnane - Australia

  • Rachel Kennedy - Australia

  • Tamara O’Reilly - Australia

  • Sara Colquhoun - Australia

  • Kimberley West (MOTR) - New Zealand

Interested in Balanced Body Education?

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