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Contrology by Balanced Body


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With the Contrology suite of apparatus, we partnered with Jay Grimes, Karen Frischmann, Kathi Ross-Nash and others, to re-create all of the subtle functionality critical to the classical Pilates approach. We listened, learned, prototyped and tested. We looked at how the apparatus works, and how practitioners use it. Most critically, we examined the design details that had changed over time—and needed to be restored to bring back the original feel.

The goal of our Contrology line is to replicate the original function, style and finish of the original Pilates equipment built in the early 1970’s. In order to do this, we have worked hard to source as many as the original materials and manufacturing techniques as possible.

Our springs are made with the same details (neck-down, tapered ends, swivel hooks and open hooks), as the springs of that era. To be consistent, our Contrology springs are un-plated. In order to minimize oxidation, we recommend dry hands and avoiding areas with high humidity.

Our aluminum Reformer bodies, and Cadillac bases are hand finished, raw aluminum selected for historical appearance and functionality. The aluminum will darken with age. This is expected. The aluminum can be cleaned with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer then coated with furniture polish or paste wax.

Just like Joe, we use galvanized pipe for our Cadillac canopies. Galvanizing is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron, to help prevent rusting. Galvanizing works great for rust but is not designed to be beautiful. Like aluminum it tends to darken inconsistently. This is its natural condition.


“It was so much fun to work with Balanced Body on the Contrology Reformer…. to be able to really look at how (it) works, how we use it as practitioners, what needs to happen, and what was missing. I’m just very happy that we finally have it.” ~ Jay Grimes


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Reformer Springs for a Classical Experience

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