Complete your equipment suite with this classic space-saving apparatus.

A simple yet versatile tool for helping develop core strength, balance, and general body awareness, the free-standing Ped-o-Pul is intentionally unstable to help with breath, spinal elongation, and much more.

The enhanced Contrology Ped-o-Pul is dubbed the “KSG/CT” in honor of the late great Kathy Stanford Grant and Carola Trier. According to our New York sources, it was Kathy who improvised the “tilting base” design while Carola was the champion of the Ped-o-Pul seat. We are proud to honor these extraordinary practitioners of Pilates and keep their ideas alive.

* Contrology KSG/CT Ped-o-pul
Complete package includes handles, frame, maple wood base, adjustable top slider, bike seat and 2-way tilted base. Call to purchase components individually.

Ped-o-Pul Safety Note
The functionality of the Contrology Ped-o-Pul requires it to be free-standing. The design mandates the User to either stand or sit on the Pedo-Pul, or for a second person to hold the apparatus upright during use, to prevent the Ped-o-Pul from falling over.

Standard Ped-o-Pul Dimensions

H: 90.5" (230cm)

Base: 18" x 18" (45.7cm x 45.7cm)

.75" (1.9cm) thick

Weight: 17lbs. (7.71kg)


KSG/CT Ped-o-Pul Dimensions

H: 92.1" (233.9cm)

Base: 18" x 18" (45.7cm x 45.7cm)

1.5" (3.81cm) thick

Weight: 28lbs (12.7kg)

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