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Contrology Classical Springs

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Reformer Springs for a Classical Experience

Balanced Body proudly introduces Contrology™ Springs, the finest version available of the original Pilates Reformer springs. Contrology™ Springs are fully-tested and guaranteed to provide a superb classical feel on the Balanced Body Contrology Reformer or Gratz Reformer.

These springs are the heart of our Contrology™ Reformer.

To get these springs right, we worked with some of the most experienced and brightest minds in the Classical world including Jay Grimes, Karen Frischmann and Sandy Shimoda. We are builders, informed by users who trace back to Joe’s studio.

From the “muddy” feel to the unique sound when in motion, Contrology Reformer Springs bring one back to working on Joe’s original Reformers.


“It was about looking at the spring, understanding what that long neck does, which is that it engages at a different rate and it has a softer close. I'm just so proud of these Springs.”

~ Jay Grimes

The springs are available in one resistance level, roughly equivalent to a Balanced Body Green spring, and made of the highest quality nickel-plated carbon steel.

“For us to maintain our strong roots, we need to have the apparatus that works best the way we work as classical instructors. The Contrology Springs will help us keep the longevity in our practice.”

~Karen Frischmann

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