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Contrology Cadillac

Unmatched versatility with that classic feel

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Engineered for maximum stability, efficient adjustment and safe use for both instructors and clients, the stunning Contrology Cadillac features a weld-free integrated aluminum base with a galvanized, polished steel canopy. 

Specially-developed Springs (leg, arm, PTB and RBB) provide the authentic feel of original Pilates apparatus. The premium upholstered tabletop mat is made of dense, resilient foam, for maximum feedback during use. Underneath the mat is the option for a hidden “toybox” - perfect for storing springs and props.


  • Integrated weld-free aluminum base engineered for durability and stability

  • Canopy vertical tubing inserts the full length of legs for significantly enhanced rigidity and stability

  • Galvanized, polished schedule 80 steel pipe in canopy nearly doubles strength of all pipe in canopy system

  • Tabletop made of thin, dense, resilient foam for optimal “feel” while exercising

  • Slider knobs intentionally placed on side of slider (not on top!) for easier access while exercising and teaching

  • Vintage forged steel eye bolts on Push-Thru Bar are stronger and distinctive

  • Adjustable clasp on belly strap enables user to tailor fit to foot size (and readjusts easily with no need for knots!)

  • Optional “toybox” serves as storage for accessories and props (no more clutter under the bench!)



  • Wooden Push-Through Bar (PTB)

  • Wood Roll Back Bar 31.25” (79.4cm) with metal “s” hooks

  • Trap Bar with footstrap

  • 2 Contrology Arm Springs (light) with leather handles

  • 2 Contrology Leg Springs (light) with cotton loops

  • 2 Contrology Roll Back Bar Springs

  • 2 Contrology Trap Bar Springs

  • 3 Contrology PTB Springs

  • 2 Safety chains and 1 Storage chain

  • Large Kuna Board
    6“ (15.3cm) wide x 1.5” (3.8cm) deep x 29” (73.7cm) long

  • Adjustable Belly Strap

Width: 25.5" (64.8cm)

Length 86” (218,4cm)

Canopy Height 82” (208.3cm)

Table Height: 23.7" (60.2cm)

Weight: 245lbs. (111.1kg)

Weight (with toybox): 280lbs (127kg)


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