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Getting Started


Pilates for Beginners – tips to get started

Once you decide to try Pilates, the next question is where. You can find Pilates at:


  • Health and fitness clubs

  • Pilates studios (facilities geared specifically toward Pilates or Pilates and mind-body activities like yoga)

  • Recreation centers (such as YMCAs and JCCs)

  • Wellness centers and rehabilitation clinics


What appeals to you will depend on how you like to work out, your schedule and how much you want to spend. And whatever setting you choose for your experience as a Pilates beginner, it should provide an appropriate mind-body atmosphere conducive to concentration and focus.


A group experience

Does working out with others help you stay motivated and focused? Do you need the camaraderie (and discipline) of scheduled classes to keep you on track? If so, group reformer or mat classes at a local studio or club may be the best fit. Many clubs offer free mat classes to introduce their members to Pilates. Most group Reformer classes typically carry a fee.


Pilates at Home

Or, you may prefer the solitude and flexibility of working out alone. If you have a hard time sticking with a regularly-scheduled class, Pilates at home may be best for you.


If Pilates at home appeals to you, experts agree that taking a class or two at your local studio or club is a smart and safe way to begin Pilates. The investment will be well worth it. Good Pilates technique includes intricacies of both movement and breathing that are best explained and demonstrated by a qualified instructor.


Customized and one-on-one

Want an intensive, one-on-one Pilates experience customized to your individual goals or special needs? Nothing beats personal Pilates training sessions at a club or studio, if your budget allows.


Pilates and physical therapy

In addition, Pilates is now offered at many rehabilitation clinics and wellness centers. If you’ve been injured or are seeking physical therapy for chronic neck and back pain, hip/knee replacements, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, scoliosis or other conditions, research is showing that Pilates can be an effective treatment. Discuss any treatment program with your healthcare team.


Getting Started at Home

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