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Balance Products


Balance Block

Adds a low level of instability to standing, sitting, all-fours and briding positions, to improve core strength, balance and motor control. Durable foam, with smooth, easy to clean finish. Blue, 16" x 19" x 2.5".


Balance Cushion

Sit on a chair, lie on the floor, stand with 1 or 2 feet… The inflatable Balance Cushion works your core muscles more completely than a gymball because it focuses on those muscles in any position. Perfect for seniors and chronic back suffers to use in therapy, at home, the office, or when you travel. Inflates with a traditional ball needle. Blue, 14" diameter.


Balance Boards

Balance Boards feature a half-sphere base adjustable to three heights, which enables you to vary the angle of the board. An excellent tool for challenging proprioception, rehabilitation of the lower extremity and advanced awareness training. Made of Maple-faced hardwood laminate with a non-slip surface embedded in the finish.


  • Small Balance Board 16” (41cm) diameter

  • Large Balance Board 20” (51cm) diameter


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