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Oversized Standing Platforms

A Platform Extender for your Allegro® 2 Reformer

So much more than standing work!

Add variety to your workouts with this versatile, drop-in accessory for your Allegro® 2 Reformer.

Double the width of the built-in platform with the new Allegro® 2 Platform Extender. You gain many new exercise options—so much more than just standing work—plus a more functional and comfortable surface for anyone with larger feet.

  • Creates a large surface for the entire foot, during exercises like bridging or front splits.

  • Provides full support for forearms or when kneeling.

  • Enables use of both platform and jumpboard at the same time, as in seated exercises that use the jumpboard for back support.

  • Allows standing work to begin from a narrower position, for increased overall range of motion.

  • Standing work in external rotation is comfortable and fully supported.

  • Custom-designed cushion (included) covers the entire extended platform and elevates the surface to match the height of the Reformer carriage.

The Platform Extender is made with warm maple and non-skid surface, to beautifully match your Allegro 2 Reformer.

Enjoy new possibilities with this functional, attractive accessory.

Oversized Standing Platform for Allegro®  Reformer

Great for larger feet and external rotation

This Oversized Standing Platform installs quickly on your Allegro Reformer (serial# 41501 and above). It's a welcome solution for clients with larger feet and when working in external rotation. The platform does not require removing your existing platform. A foam cover is included. When placed on the platform, the foam makes the carriage pad and standing platform the same height.

This version sold here is an optional accessory for the Allegro Reformer (serial# 41501 and above), and is included with the purchase of a Allegro Stretch Reformer. If you have an Allegro Reformer with a serial number below 41501 and would like an Oversized Standing Platform, please call us.

Dimensions: Width 22” (55.9cm), Length 9 3/8” (24cm), Weight 3.35 lbs. (1.5kg)