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Padded Footplates / Jumpboards

Designed to challenge. Built to last.

Padded Foot Plates, also known as Jumpboards, add great versatility to your Reformer. In addition to allowing jumping and other cardio exercises, a Padded foot Plate also recreates a biomechanically accurate standing position while lying on the Reformer.



Our Foot Plates

For Studio® or Clinical® Reformers, choose the correct Foot Plate by identifying the type of Footbar you have (Revo, Classic/One-Step or Infinity).


For Allegro® 2, CenterLine™, and Pilates IQ® Reformers, select the specific Foot Plate for your Reformer.


For Allegro and Pilates Sport® Reformers, see below for how to choose:


Allegro® Reformers – how to choose


For Allegro® 2 Reformers, see above.

For Allegros purchased June 21, 2007, or later, select the “Padded Foot Plate for Allegro (with handles) ”.

For Allegros purchased earlier than June 21, 2007, you will need a retrofit kit, sold separately, in addition to the “Padded Foot Plate for Allegros with handles”.



Dimensions for Padded Foot Plates:


Allegro® 2 Reformer: 31.5" x 20.5" (79cm x 50cm)
Allegro® Reformer: 30" x 23.5" (76cm x 60cm)
Pilates IQ/Pilates Sport Reformer: 26" x 18" (66 cm x 46 cm)
Studio® and Clinical® Reformers: 21" x 20.5" (53cm x 52cm)

Jumpus Maximus

Jumpus Maximus for the Studio Reformer® and Clinical Reformer®

For the largest possible padded jumpboard for our Studio Reformer® and Clinical Reformer®, consider the Jumpus Maximus which measures a generous 29” x 20.5” (74cm x 52cm).

The correct Jumpus Maximus you need is determined by your Reformer’s footbar. Choose the right Jumpus Maximus below, by identifying your footbar type.

Jumpus Maximus for Allegro® Reformer

Our extra–wide, extra–tall jumpboard for the Allegro Reformer® measures 31.5” x 28.75” (80cm x 73cm). It’s the biggest jumpboard available and super easy to install with convenient handles. You will love the extra room for larger feet plus the possibility for wider and higher foot and leg positions, to accommodate users of different sizes and abilities.

Cardio Cloud

The Cardio Cloud creates a softer jumping surface in seconds. Fits any Balanced Body jumpboard! Ideal for those with sensitive feet, or ankle, knee or hip problems. The softness of the pad encourages full articulation of the feet, while the durable foam padding ensures better biomechanics for jumping. Completely covers the surface used during jumping, so no area is lost.

The non-slip cover provides a secure grip, both for feet, and against the jumpboard. It’s also removable, so you can replace the padding, and is easily cleaned. Quickly slips over any Balanced Body jumpboard.

The large size is designed for the Allegro®, the Allegro® 2 and the Studio Reformer Jumpus Maximus. The small size is for use with jump boards for the Studio Reformer®, Pilates Sport®, and IQ® Reformer.

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