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Set of 3 Packs of Core Align Tubing, Pricing Includes GST and Delivery.


Replacement Band Kit for CoreAlign®

Balanced Body has redesigned the CoreAlign bands and handles. After a year of thorough research and testing, the new bands feature:

Longer band life

Lighter resistance, for a wider dynamic range

Extra security band can be used if desired

Longer band life and re-usable handles are more eco-friendly and efficient

Made in the USA



Does your CoreAlign have older style bands?

Older style bands have handles that are permanently attached to the bands. These are no longer available. Please contact our office for alternative.


NOTE: If you have a CoreAlign with a serial number of CA05244 or above, you will need to order the longer CoreAlign replacement bands.

Core Align Tubing Package of 3 Sets

PriceFrom $137.50
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