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 The foot strap is a great Reformer accessory. Combined with the sitting box, you can add great diversity to your workout. Select the length of foot strap based on the type of Reformer or Footbar you have. All lengths available in Cotton or Padded style, except the Allegro 2 Foot Strap, which comes in Padded only.

The Allegro 2 Foot Strap is unique. It attaches to the Allegro® 2 Reformer without dog clips, and is adjustable to three different lengths for personal preference. Available in Padded only.

If you have Choose this Foot Strap:
Allegro® 2 Reformer Allegro 2, adjustable
Allegro® Reformer Long, 28.5" (72cm) with snaps
Studio Reformer with Revo Footbar® Medium, 27" (69cm) with snaps
Pilates IQ® Reformer Extra long, 30" (76cm) with snaps
Pilates Sport® Reformer Oversize, 36" (93cm) with snaps
All other Reformers Short, 25" (64cm) with snaps

Sitting Box Foot Strap

PriceFrom $66.00
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