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Our newest prop facilitates true parallel position!

Developed with Blossom Crawford of Bridge Pilates, the Slice is an excellent, multi-use positioning tool to incorporate into your daily practice.


Many times when the parallel foot position is required in an exercise, the heels and toes are brought together resulting in a rotation of the knees. What may look like a parallel position really isn’t. Putting the Slice between the feet keeps the heels farther apart. It allows you to gain true parallel position of the legs and appropriate recruitment of supporting musculature throughout the body to help maintain the intended position. For bodies with a twist in the ribs or torso, the Slice also encourages symmetrical alignment in both the ribs and hips while exercising in a prone position.


Handmade in our Sacramento workshop of upholstered EVA foam, the Slice is comfortably soft yet rigid enough for support. It also works with most foot sizes!


Check out the video to see it in action!


Dimensions: 5”w x 11”l x 3.75”h (12.7cm x 28cm x 9.5cm). Black can be ordered online. 

The Slice - Includes Delivery

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