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New! Ultra-Fit Circle® Mini


Lightweight with comfortable inner/outer handles, our wildly popular Ultra-Fit Circle is also available in a smaller size! We’ve trimmed it by 3" in diameter and the resistance is lighter. The result? A ring that is perfect for smaller body types, beginners, and when it’s important to achieve better leg alignment. 12" (30cm) outside diameter.


The Ultra-Fit Circle Mini is attractively packaged for retail and volume discounts are available for quantities of 10 or more. Please call to order for discount.


We have two versions of the Ultra-Fit Circle® - which one is right for you?


Ultra-Fit Circle® Mini

  • Perfect for smaller body types and narrow shoulders.
  • Easier lower body work due to smaller size.
  • Achieve better leg alignment with feet directly under hips.
  • Light resistance is great for beginners.


Ultra-Fit Circle® Regular

  • Good for larger body types and broad shoulders.
  • More resistance provides more challenge.

Ultra Fit Circle MINI - Includes Delivery!

PriceFrom $88.00
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