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Rialto Reformer


For over forty years, Balanced Body Reformers have set the gold standard for design, craftsmanship and performance. The new Rialto Reformer extends the bar with a contemporary look mixing classic maple and powder-coated aluminum and a value price.
Designed with today’s group reformer classes in mind, the Rialto packs all the necessary professional-grade features in an eye-catching design. Members will enjoy our hallmark quiet carriage ride, quick-adjustment ropes and cleats, and comfortable over-molded padding on carriage.

BONUS! Rialto Reformer comes with a Sitting Box Lite, for prone exercises, new abdominal exercises, side stretching and seated exercise, and a foot strap to secure feet while exercising.

* Handcrafted solid Maple frame with extruded aluminum legs
* Ultra-cushioning over-molded carriage pad
* Secure 5-position footbar
* 5 Balanced Body Signature Springs™
* Sitting Box Lite and Footstrap included
* Standard 14" height only
* Black padded carriage only




* Beautiful handcrafted Maple frame
* Standard 14" height extruded aluminum legs
* Extra-wide secure standing platform with non-skid surface

* Secure 5 position footbar with easy one step vertical adjustments

* Ultra-cushioning over-molded carriage pad (black only)
* Same quiet carriage ride as our Studio Reformer®

* 5 Balanced Body Signature Springs

Additional Features
* Sitting Box Lite and Footstrap (included) adds prone, torso and stretching exercises

Length: 96" (244cm)
Width: 26.5" (67cm)
Height: 14" (36cm)
Weight: 140lbs. (64kg)

Carriage Travel Length: Up to 42" / 106.5 cm

Upgrades and Accessories
Tower and Mat Conversion
Plank Bars


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The Rialto Reformer Accessories

Rialto™ Tower and Mat Conversion

Tower and Mat Conversion (sold together)

It’s a Reformer, Mat Station and Tower, all in one space!

You can work in multiple planes of resistance and from both sides of the Tower.

Also, adding a Tower to your Rialto Reformer gives you almost all of the functionality of a Trapeze Table!

  • 29 spring attachment points create a variety of exercises with limitless adjustability.

  • Includes loops, handles and a wooden Roll-down Bar for even more options.

  • Also includes an attached Push-through Bar.

  • Comes with 8 Balanced Body Signature Springs:

    • Regular length: 2 yellow (very light) and 2 blue (light). Long Springs: 2 yellow (very light) and 2 purple (medium).

  • Easy-to-handle overmolded foam mats convert your Reformer to a stable surface. Mats can also be used on the floor.



  • Tower height from floor: 74.6" (189.5cm),

  • width: 26.5" (67cm),

  • weight with springs: 40lbs (18kg).

  • Minimum ceiling height needed for tower installation: 82" (208cm)

Rialto™ Padded Jumpboard

Padded Jumpboards add great versatility to your Reformer. In addition to allowing jumping and other cardio exercises, a Padded Jumpboard also recreates a biomechanically accurate standing position while lying on the Reformer.

Padded Jumpboard for Rialto™ Reformer

Dimensions: 31.6" x 20.1" (80.3cm x 51cm)

Rialto™ Plank Bars

Time to crank up your planks!

Plank Bars deliver new options for plank variations and any exercise that requires supporting yourself with your arms. You gain 8 new positioning options—low and high, wide and narrow—depending on how you insert the bars in the integrated holes in your standing platform.

  • Explore neutral or internally rotated shoulder positions.

  • Add more challenge/support by changing body angle.

  • Protect wrists with a more neutral position.

Incorporate Plank Bars into traditional exercises while on the Reformer, or use them off the end of the machine. And our easy-grip handles are cushioned and contoured for comfort!

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