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Inventive, multi-functional workouts that strengthen and stretch, for personal training or group fitness.

Roll through a fun, full-body workout that strengthens, stretches and challenges on multiple planes!


Orbit™ exercises include both circular and linear movements, and range from mild to complex. It’s an amazing core workout because your abdominal muscles are always engaged. You will also increase upper body and lower body strength, and improve flexibility and balance. An all-around great mind-body workout.


You’ll appreciate the ergonomic design, solid construction, and comfortable padded surface as you sit, lie, kneel and stand for a wide variety of exercises. Top-of-the-line casters and wheels allow easy gliding in any direction, and are safe for carpeted or hardwood floors. Two carrying handles make it a snap to carry and store.


Created by Octavio Galindo and developed in collaboration with Balanced Body, the Orbit comes with a 34-minute, Level 1 DVD workout. You will be challenged!


Rotate, flex, extend and stretch your way to a longer, leaner, healthier you.






  • Solidly built wood base topped with high-density padding and heavy-duty vinyl.

  • Four top-quality, double-bearing polyurethane wheels.

  • Industrial strength casters for smooth rolling in every direction.

  • Two handles for easy carrying and storage.

  • Dimensions : 22.75" x 15" x 6.25"


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