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New Balanced Body® ActivMotion Bar®

Exclusive Exercise Tool for Group and Individual Training!

From the Reformer to group fitness and personal training, the Balanced Body ActivMotion Bar is an effective tool for building strength, stability, core and balance. Hollow steel bars are filled with ball bearings that glide smoothly and quietly inside the bar. When used in training, the result is multisensory, core-centric exercise that challenges clients' bodies and minds.

Each Bar is 36” and weigh 3 lbs. Highly portable, Balanced Body ActivMotion Bars are easy to clean, store and are made in the USA.

  • Build balance, stability and mind-body awareness

  • Get immediate feedback and symmetry and alignment

  • Shifting weight helps simulate the variability of movement in every day life

  • Engage muscles of the core up to 173% more than standard weighted props and accessories




ActivMotion_bar_exercise poster 1.jpg
ActivMotion_bar_exercise poster.jpg
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