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Girl with Arms Stretched Out

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Pilates Poles

Add variety to your Pilates workouts with Balanced Body's complete line of high-quality, durable Pilates poles. They will add a wealth of new exercises to your regimen.
Gondola Pole

Gondola Pilates Poles are used for balance when performing standing work on the Reformer. Ours are made from hardwood finished to match our Maple equipment. Rubber ends improve traction against the floor. 5' (152cm) length x 1.25" (3cm) diameter.


Maple Dowel

A great tool for alignment, armwork, and more. Three lengths available.

  • 27" (68cm) 1 lb.

  • 32" (81cm) 1 lb.

  • 36" (91cm) 1 lb.


Weighted Metal Pilates Poles

Chrome plated with rubber ends. 31" (79 cm) long.

2 lb pole & 3 lb pole


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