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Springs & Resistance


High quality, tested and proven springs are important for safety and consistent resistance while exercising. Balanced Body Signature Springs™ were developed with over 43 years of experience working specifically in the Pilates environment. In fact, they are the only Pilates springs that are patented. Continually tested for quality and consistency and manufactured in a certified ISO 9000 facility, Balanced Body Signature Springs™ are the best Pilates springs available for strength, resilience and durability.

Balanced Body Signature Springs™ are built with custom nickel-plated carbon steel. Electroless nickel-plating (ENP) is an environmentally-sensitive plating process that minimizes the chances for hydrogen embrittlement (microscopic cracks in the steel, which could lead to breakage). Additionally, custom color-coded hooks swivel freely inside tapered ends, reducing stress and making Balanced Body Signature Springs™ last longer.

All these factors ensure Balanced Body Signature Springs™ delivers quieter, superior performance under strenuous use and the very best in Pilates springs. Not intended for use on other brands of equipment. 

All sales final — Not returnable. Please see our Safety Guide for care and replacement information. All parts purchases, including Springs, require a valid Balanced Body serial number so that we can ensure you are getting the correct part for your machine. 

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