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Studio Reformer®

#1 Choice of Pilates Professionals since 1979

The smoothest, quietest ride on the market. Balanced Body’s Pilates Studio Reformer® sets the standard in comfort and craftsmanship. With every edge sculpted and smooth, the Studio Reformer has sleek, clean lines-appealing to the eye and inviting to the touch.


For 40 years, the world’s most respected Pilates instructors have used and recommended the Balanced Body® Pilates Studio Reformer. Built of solid Rock Maple, our Studio Reformer is the most smooth, quiet and durable machine on the market. Reformers we built 20 years ago are still hard at work today.

Balanced Body allows you to design your own Reformer. Choose from our innovative Footbar and Springbar Systems, which are easy to adjust and minimize workout interruptions. 

Compare our Reformer to any other, and you’ll see why the world’s most respected Pilates professionals use and recommend our Studio Reformer. Standard configuration Strata® Rock Maple, black upholstery.

The Studio Reformer now features Balanced Body TwistLock™ shoulder rests. Adjust or remove your shoulder rests quickly with no need for tethered pins. Secure and quiet!

All equipment includes access to the free videos section on our streaming video platform. Paid monthly and annual subscriptions also available to access all available content.


Frame, Finish & Hardware


•Choice of frame heights (14", 18" or 24"), to fit your workout needs.

•Strata Rock Maple or Strata Artisan Maple

•Frame is sanded by hand and finished with a lustrous satin finish.

•Extra-wide 7" boards combined with fitted and joined frame and legs create an exceptionally sturdy, stable machine.

•Foot plate bracket.

•Heavy-duty hardware throughout. Aluminum parts are anodized to reduce friction, prevent oxidation and eliminate "black dust."

•A cut-out at the head of the Studio Reformer adds an extra 3.5" of carriage travel in machines with risers.


Carriage, Straps and Handles


•Carriages are lightweight yet strong, for an extremely responsive and stable surface.

•Precision carriage system now rides on one-piece rail structure that provides a rock solid, smooth carriage ride and offers even greater frame stability.

•Carriage tracking system creates an ultra-smooth, virtually silent ride. Our 8-wheel system features four custom-built vertical wheels to support the carriage, and 4 adjustable sidewheels to guide the carriage smoothly down the track.

•Control the extension of the carriage with 5 carriage stops at head of the frame.

•Adjustable padded shoulder rests are sculpted for comfort. Easily removed for mat conversion. Rests offer an optional adjustment 1" wider than standard.

•3-position padded headrest for cervical support.

•Longest carriage travel in the industry - advantageous for jumping exercises. Maximum travel is 41" in machines with risers.

•Safety-rated climbing ropes are secured by nautical cam cleats. Rope length adjustments are quick and easy.

•Shoulder posts/handles hold ropes off floor.

•Padded carriage, upholstered in Boltaflex® Colorguard.





•Durable nickel-plated springs with tapered ends and swivel hooks.

•5-spring format enables you to configure up to 46 resistances. Your choice of spring weights. Standard configuration: 1 blue (light), 3 red (medium), 1 green (heavy). More about our Reformer springs.




  • Frame: 92 5/8"L x 26 1/2"W x 15"H (235.27 x 67.31 x 38.1)

  • Carriage (not including head rest): 30 1/2”L x 23”W (77.5cm x 58.4cm)

  • Weight: 152lbs (68kg)

  • Carriage Travel Length: 41" / 104cm



Studio Reformer Accessories


Sitting Box:


•Standard: 16"w x 29"l x 11.5"h (41cm x 74cm x 29cm)

•New York: 15"w x 27"l x 10"h (38cm x 69cm x 25cm)

•Large: 17.75"w x 34" l x 13"h (45cm x 86cm x 29cm)


Padded Foot Plate (Jumpboard):

For Studio and Clinical Reformers, the type of foot plate you need is determined by your Reformer's footbar. Choose the right foot plate below, by identifying your footbar type. 21" x 20.5" (53cm x 52cm)


Oversized Standing Platform:

Clear, non-slip finish on top. 20" x 11" (50cm x 28cm)


Jumpus Maximus:


For Studio Reformers, the correct Jumpus Maximus you need is determined by your Reformer's footbar. Choose the right Jumpus Maximus below, by identifying your footbar type. 29" x 20.5" (74cm x 52cm)



Adjustable Pulley Risers:

Risers elevate the pulleys 2" to 13" (5cm to 33cm) above the frame, enabling you to change the angle of resistance. Risers also allow the ropes to pass above the shoulder pads, which prevents scuffing of the pads. This retrofit is for a machine with ropes.



Carriage Return Stoppers for Traditional Footbars

Finished Maple blocks fit over the stopper pegs to stop the carriage in two additional positions: 3" and 6" from the stopper pegs. Ideal for limiting knee flexion in very tall people (over 6'3") or those with knee injuries. Stoppers will pre-load the springs, so if you want to retain neutral tension, we recommend the use of spring extenders.


Standard Configuration - Studio Reformer



  • Height: 14” (36cm). Can also choose heights of 18” (46cm) or 24” (61cm) as a custom order.
    Length: 93” (236cm) Stretch Studio Reformer is 99” (251cm) in length (custom order).
    Width: 26.5” (69cm).

  • Weight: 152 lbs. (69kg)

  • Carriage pad, pad only, not including head rest:
    Length: 30.5” (77.5cm)
    Width: 23” (58.4cm)

  • Carriage Travel Distance: 102cm

Footbar & Springbar Options 

NEW! XSR Footbar

The XSR Footbar is the widest non-sliding footbar available for the Studio Reformer. Mounted to the outside of the frame, it is nearly 31” (78.74) wide, which is perfect for those with tighter shoulders and who prefer a wider stance. The XSR Footbar works with both the Revo® and No-Roll Springbars. Also works with the same jumpboard used with the Revo Footbar.

  • 6 adjustable vertical footbar positions

  • Padded

  • Footbar width: 31” (78.74cm), Diameter: approx. 2” (5.1cm) with padding

  • Easy to adjust positions with lever/trunnion mechanism

Revo Adjustment System™

The revolutionary Revo Adjustment System™ gives you the greatest flexibility and enables you to create the ergonomically correct position for every user. The Revo combines 2 radically redesigned components: the locking Footbar and the 5-position Springbar. The system easily adapts your Reformer to better fit the needs of the user’s size, range of movement, and ability.

Revo Footbar® (1)

  • Locking footbar with 4 positions, including down.

  • Diameter (2.5″/6.3cm) with padded non-slip cover.

Revo Springbar™ (2)

  • Carriage and Springbar are integrated – moving the Springbar moves the carriage and keeps the springs in neutral tension.

  • Five carriage stop positions provide 12″ (30.5cm) of adjustability from carriage to footbar, creating the ergonomically correct position for every user. For short to average height clients, use positions #1 or #2. For taller clients, or those with a limited range of motion, use positions #3 – #5.


Classic Footbar / No-Roll Springbar

Classic Footbar (3)

  • The 3-position, Classic Footbar has 2 supports and adjusts to 3 heights (including down).

  • 24″ (61cm) wide Footbar with comfortable padding and non-slip surface. Diameter: 2-1/2″ (6.4cm) , with padding (2″/5cm on request).

No-Roll Springbar

  • The oval shape of the No-Roll Springbar makes it a safe choice; it won’t roll downward and springs stay connected. Easy to use, the hooks remain upright.

  • 2 Springbar positions (gears).

  • Optional carriage extension and return stoppers.

  • Older Balanced Body Reformers can be retrofitted with the No-Roll Springbar.


Infinity Footbar ®/Revo Springbar™

The Infinity Footbar ® is the most adaptable footbar available today. The Footbar adjusts along the entire length of the frame to support a whole new realm of exercise possibilities, including upper body work. Five vertical positions and 32 horizontal positions give the Infinity Footbar unequalled adjustability that safely accommodates people of all heights and levels of ability, including children.

Infinity Footbar (4)

Combine the Infinity Footbar with the easy-to-use Revo Springbar for the most precise system available, or choose the more traditional No-Roll Springbar.

  • Footbar diameter: 2-1/4″ (5.7cm) , with padding. Width: 39-1/4″ (99.7cm).

  • 5 vertical footbar positions

  • 32 horizontal footbar positions

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