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Allegro Tower Of Power

Engineered for commercial fitness, perfect for home use.
Updated for 2015!

The Allegro Tower of Power offers most of the functionality of a full Trapeze Table and is an incredibly versatile and durable exercise system. The Tower will not flex or bend, and can easily be removed if needed.

The Allegro Reformer, with over 30,000 in use around the world, has won rave reviews from Pilates instructors and fitness clubs for its ease of use, adjustability, safety and solid construction. Engineered and built for commercial fitness, the Allegro® is also perfect for home use.




•The Allegro Tower and Reformer, an expandable 3-in-one exercise system that lets you start with an Allegro Reformer, and add the Tower later.

•Retrofits any Allegro.

•Simple mat conversion- move the carriage to the head of the machine and drop in the mat.

•3-sided push-through bar in anodized aluminum is adjustable to 3 heights. Includes push-through safety strap with carabiner.

•Trapeze springs with snaps. 2 yellow (very light) and 2 blue (light) springs. Long Springs: 2 yellow (very light) and 2 purple (medium).

•22 spring attachment points.

•Sturdy Tower folds for easy and compact storage

•Maple roll-down bar.

•Pair of cotton loops.

•Boltaflex® upholstery.Stock color, black.



TOP height on flat Allegro: 68.5"

TOP height on14" Allegro: 77.75"

TOP weight with springs: 29.5 lbs.

TOP weight with springs and roll-down bar removed: 21 lbs.

Tower folds down for transport

Tower fits stackable and 14" Allegros


Footbar & Spring Bar

The safest, most versatile footbar available.

•Locks securely in place for safety.

•Widest footbar on the market: 36" wide with 30.5" padded cover. Perfect for second position and taller users.

•Padded cover detaches easily for cleaning.

•Four vertical footbar positions increase or decrease the difficulty of the exercise.

•Four horizontal footbar positions comfortably accommodate people of various heights. For a small person, move the footbar closer to the carriage. For a taller person, or to reduce hip and knee flexion, move the footbar away from the carriage


What's New for the 2015 Tower Of Power?

NEW! Tower can be easily removed if needed. Convenient knobs allow easy lift-off removal of Tower if you want to stand your Allegro vertically for storage. It no longer folds down onto the carriage.


Not Compatible with Older Versions of the Allegro Reformer. The 2015 Tower can only be fitted to the 2015 Allegro Refromer.

Videos On The Allegro Refromer w/ Tower