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Allegro 2 Reformer

Easy to use. Easier to teach. Easiest to love.

You talked, we listened.

To what you liked about your Reformer workouts, what you didn't, and what was on your wish list. After thousands of hours of design and testing, we are proud to introduce the beautiful, very talented Allegro 2. Engineered and built for the rigors of commercial fitness. Perfect for home, too.


What's so special?

For starters, the new EasySet Footbar and SoftTouch Rope System will change the way you teach Pilates. The new universe of exercise possibilities will delight you, along with smooth-as-silk transitions, even while lying on the carriage. And it still rolls, stacks and stores on end.

Quite simply, the Allegro 2 is the most intuitive, adjustable, easy-to-use Reformer on the market. Perfect for professional and home use. And did we mention it's incredibly beautiful?


Steel Footbar

• Strong, heavier and more rigid
• 16.25lbs (7.4kg) and 2 1/8” diameter (54mm)


SoftTouch Rope System

NEW — instant, accurate, revolutionary! Rope adjustments are easier than ever, enhancing the flow of your class.

  • Make instant rope adjustments with a simple-to-use lever tucked behind the headrest, even while lying on the carriage.

  • One-touch releases ropes for adjustment then locks them into place again when you release it.

  • Quick-change your loops and handles with unique new soft attachment loops. Clip-free and quiet!



NEW — strikingly beautiful design, with the durability you expect from Balanced Body.

  • Powder-coated, anodized aluminum, with warm maple accents.

  • Choice of standard/low height (8"/23cm) for easy stacking, or add legs for personal training height (15„/38cm) and easy on and off.

  • Footbar locator on side of frame precisely locates the horizontal position of the footbar (great for instructors).

  • Built-in, maple standing platform, pre-configured to accept optional padded footplate.

  • Ergonomic risers feel great for Pull-Ups and remove easily to allow stacking of your Allegro 2 without legs.



  • Integrated, seamless carriage and 3-position headrest. No seams or crevices; easy to clean and nothing gets caught.

  • Smooth, quiet ride provided by precision carriage system.

  • Maximum comfort with custom stability padding.

  • Shoulder rests: adjust to narrow or wide position, or remove quickly to create a wider flat carriage — helpful for many exercises.

  • Stock upholstery: Storm.



  • Stack easily for storage, with or without legs.

  • Rolls out of the way with an optional wheel kit.

  • Easy-to-remove risers and shoulder rests (for stacking Allegro 2s without legs).

  • Stores on end (optional wheels required).


  • NEW — Spring Collars for an improved grip (patent pending).

  • Five Balanced Body Signature Springs. High quality springs ensure that users can consistently repeat movements. Exclusively offered by Balanced Body, these are the longest lasting springs available. Five-spring resistance system allows up to 46 resistances. Package includes: 1 yellow (very light), 1 blue (light), 3 red (medium).


The Allegro 2 is a CE-approved medical device (Class 1).


Standard Configuration - Allegro 2 Reformer (Steel Footbar, Right)


  • Frame: 93 1/4"L x 31"W x 15"H (236.86cm x 78.74cm x 38.1cm)

  • Carriage: 39 1/4"L x 23 3/4"W (99.7cm x 60.33cm)

  • Height without Legs: 9”H (22.5cm)

  • Weight: 133 lbs (60.3kg) or 139 lbs (63kg) with legs (Footbar Dependant) 

  • Carriage Travel Length: 39" / 102cm

Allegro 2 Hero Large.jpeg

Allegro 2 Tower and Mat Conversion

Tower and Mat Conversion (sold separately)

The Allegro 2 Tower System brings 95% of the full Trapeze Table (Cadillac) functionality to your Allegro® 2 Reformer, without requiring additional space! Add the Allegro 2 Tower to any Allegro 2 Reformer. Can be easily removed for storage if needed.

Dramatically increase your exercise repertoire, including integrated exercises using the Tower with the moving Reformer carriage. Program mat workouts on either side of the Tower.

The Allegro 2 Reformer is the most intuitive, adjustable, easy-to-use Reformer on the market. Revolutionary features like the EasySet™ Footbar and SoftTouch® rope system will change the way you teach Pilates. The new universe of exercise possibilities will delight you, along with smooth-as-silk transitions, even while lying on the carriage. Perfect for professional and home use.

Tower includes:

  • Tower is completely stable and secure, with 29 spring attachment points.

  • Three-sided push through bar is extra wide (2.5”/6cm wider than original Allegro) to accommodate larger or less flexible clients. Safety strap and carabiner included.

  • Maple roll-down bar.

  • Eight Balanced Body Signature Springs™ for arm and leg exercises: Regular: 2 yellow (very light) and 2 blue (light). Long Springs: 2 yellow (very light) and 2 purple (medium). (4 regular, 4 long).

  • 27 attachment points for springs, for maximum versatility.

  • Simple, ingenious new storage area for springs not in use. Keeps them at hand yet out of the way.

  • Pair of single loops.


Tower height: 61” (155cm) from top of Reformer frame.
Weight of tower with springs: 38.5 lbs (17.5kg).
Weight of complete Allegro 2 System (Reformer & Tower): 184.5 lbs (84kg).


Allegro 2 Padded Jumpboard

Padded Jumpboards add great versatility to your Reformer. In addition to allowing jumping and other cardio exercises, a Padded Jumpboard also recreates a biomechanically accurate standing position while lying on the Reformer.

Padded Jumpboard for Allegro® 2 Reformer

Dimensions: 31.5″ x 20.5″ (80cm x 52cm)


Allegro 2 Plank Bars

Time to crank up your planks!

Plank Bars deliver new options for plank variations and any exercise that requires supporting yourself with your arms. You gain 8 new positioning options—low and high, wide and narrow—depending on how you insert the bars in the integrated holes in your standing platform.

  • Explore neutral or internally rotated shoulder positions.

  • Add more challenge/support by changing body angle.

  • Protect wrists with a more neutral position.


Incorporate Plank Bars into traditional exercises while on the Reformer, or use them off the end of the machine. And our easy-grip handles are cushioned and contoured for comfort!


Workout Videos - Allegro 2 Reformer

Balanced Body offers 40+ free workout videos for everyone’s use anytime, anywhere. Please enjoy the workouts, and feel free to share this page link with your community.


Transform Your Posture: Tracey Mallett

Photos - Allegro 2 Reformer

Please note: Some images show the Allegro 2 Reformer with optional accessories. For the standard configuration, please see the image in initial description above. 

Assembly - Allegro 2 Reformer

Your Allegro 2 reformer is here! Great, now how can you easily, safely, and simply unbox it and set-it up? Watch this video where Kaleen and Ken take you through the steps to success with your new investment. Click anywhere below to begin. 

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