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Assembly & Use Instructions


Assembly instructions are shipped with our equipment, and most are also available on this page as downloadable PDFs. Our “how-to” videos may be helpful, too.

The instructions included here are appropriate for the most up-to-date Balanced Body equipment, as well as a few older versions. 

Image by Erda Estremera

Equipment Assembly Instructions

Reformer & Accessory Assembly


Add-a-Platform™ for Allegro® or Studio Reformer® [PDF
Allegro® 2 Reformer [PDF
Allegro® 2 Footbar Cover [PDF
Allegro® 2 Platform Extender [PDF
Allegro® 2 Options and Accessories [PDF
Allegro® 2 Undercarriage Covers [PDF
Allegro® 2 Guide Wheel Replacement Kit [PDF
Allegro® 2 Rolling Wheel Replacement Kit [PDF
Allegro® Reformer [current/older
Allegro® Latch [PDF
Allegro® Legs [current/older
Allegro® Transport Wheel Bracket [PDF
Allegro® Wall Strap [PDF
Allegro® Footbar Plunger Upgrade Kit [PDF
Clinical Reformer® [PDF
Konnector® Kit [current]/older
Konnector® Lite Kit [current/older
Konnector® Kit for Allegro A1a with riser posts [PDF
Konnector® Kit for Allegro A1b with TwistLock shoulder rests and riser posts [PDF
Konnector® Kit for Allegro A1a with Tower [PDF
Konnector® Kit for Allegro A1b with TwistLock shoulder rests and Tower [PDF
Konnector® Kit for Rialto Reformer [PDF
Konnector® Kit for Rialto Reformer with Tower [PDF
Konnector® Kit for Studio Reformer with wood risers [PDF
Konnector® Kit for Studio Reformer with metal risers/Tower[PDF
Konnector® Kit for Studio Reformer with TwistLock and wood risers [PDF
Konnector® Kit for Studio Reformer with TwistLock and metals risers/Tower [PDF
Pilates IQ® Reformer [current/older
Plunger Lockout Knobs for Allegro® or Infinity® Footbar [PDF
Revo Footbar®/Springbar [PDF
Rialto™ Reformer [PDF
Rialto™ Reformer Plank Bars [PDF
Straps to Ropes Conversion [PDF
Studio Reformer® [PDF]

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 2.55.05 pm.png

Trapeze & Tower Assembly


Allegro® 2 Tower [PDF
Allegro® 2 F.I.T. Kit® [PDF
Allegro® 2 Rope Release Spring Replacement® [PDF
Allegro Tower of Power® [current/old
CenterLine® Cadillac [PDF
CenterLine® Pole System [PDF
CenterLine® Reformer Tower [PDF
Convertible Push-Through Bar [current/older
F.I.T. Kit® for Allegro® or Studio Reformer® [PDF
Guillotine Tower [PDF
Pilates Springboard™ [PDF
Pilates Springboard™ Push-Through Bar [PDF
Reformer with Tower and Mats [current/older
Reformer/Trapeze Combination™ [current/older
Trapeze Table (Cadillac) [current/older
Tower Bracket Retrofit Kit [PDF
Wall Tower [PDF
Wall Tower with Sliding Push Through Bar [PDF]

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 2.58.50 pm.png


Arm Chair [PDF
Avalon® Chair Ladder [PDF
Cactus Springtree Retrofit Kit [PDF
CenterLine® Chair [PDF
Combo/Wunda Chair Handles [current/old
Combo Chair Back Retrofit [PDF
Combo Chair Wheel Bracket [current/older
EXO® Chair Split Pedal Retrofit Kit [PDF
Replacing Chair Springs [PDF


Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 3.03.10 pm.png


CoreAlign® [PDF
Freestanding Ladder for CoreAlign® [PDF
Wall-Mount Ladder for CoreAlign® [PDF]

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 3.11.09 pm.png


MOTR® Setup [PDF
Bodhi Suspension System® [PDF
Bodhi Suspension System® Wall Anchor [PDF
Bodhi Suspension System® Ceiling Anchor [PDF
Bodhi Suspension System® Door Anchor [PDF
Bodhi Suspension System® Rope Extender [PDF]

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 3.12.53 pm.png


Avalon® Sockets and Spring Arms [PDF
Balanced Body® Spring Collars [PDF
Duet Roller System™ [PDF
Foot Corrector® [PDF
Jumpboards [PDF
Functional Footprints® [PDF
Incline Mat Table [PDF
Ladder Barrel [PDF
Multifunctional Straps [PDF
Oov™ Get Started Guide [PDF
Ped-O-Pull [PDF
Precision Rotator Discs [PDF
Quick Link Clips: Attaching and Inspecting [PDF
Sitting Box Riser [PDF
Studio Furniture: Grid Wall [PDF
Unpacking and Uncrating Your Equipment [PDF
Wedge [PDF]

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