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Assembly & Warranty Information

Assembly instructions are shipped with our equipment, and most are also available on this page as downloadable PDFs. Our “how-to” videos may be helpful, too.

10 Years from date of Invoice
Standard wood frames on all Reformers, Trapeze Tables and Reformer-Trapeze Combinations. A standard frame is defined as a frame that has not been modified or altered from its original specifications by Balanced Body.

Allegro® Reformer frames and footbars, Step Barrels, Wunda Chairs, Combo Chairs, Arm Chairs, Wall Towers, Ped-o-Pull, Springboards, Towers and Foot Correctors. See exclusions below.

5 Years from date of Invoice
Rialto™ Reformer, Ladder Barrel, CoreAlign®, Orbit™, EXO® Chair, Pilates Sport® Reformer and Begin Chair®. See exclusions below.


3 Years warranty
Custom wood frames on all Reformers, Trapeze Tables and Reformer-Trapeze Combinations. A custom frame is defined as a frame that has been modified or altered from its standard specifications.


2 Years from date of Invoice
Pilates IQ® Reformer (for non-commercial use), and moving parts are limited warranty to 2 Years from date of the Invoice.


1 Year from date of Invoice
Wood storage furniture, rotator discs, oversized standing platforms, BAC disc set, Spring Circle, Flex Ring Toner®, Balanced Board, Pilates Arc™, Arc Lite™, CoreFitnessRoller®, MOTR®, Bodhi Suspension System®, Konnector®, Konnector® Lite, Oov and Sitting Box Lite.


Balanced Body Signature Springs™ carry a limited warranty to 1 year from the date of invoice or after 3,000 hours of usage (whichever comes first). Remember, in the interest of everyone's safety and convenience, all part purchases, including Springs, require a valid Balanced Body serial number so that we can ensure we are providing the correct parts for your machine. 


90-day Warranty
Ultra-Fit Circle® and Slastix™.

Frame warranty excludes all other components of the equipment, i.e., wheels, upholstery, springs, etc., which have varying warranty periods and are classed as wear items. Mundo, Contrology, and other specialty ranges have different warranty periods. 

The fabric and upholstery on Balanced Body Equipment will be replaced if they fail under normal wear within 90 days of the date invoiced. Proof of damage will be required. This warranty does not cover cuts, burns, stains, soiling, pet damage, damage to fabric caused by abrasive, corrosive, or chemical cleansers, damage to fabric caused by zippers, snaps, or other apparel adornments, or damage caused by other unreasonable use. 

Terms and conditions apply based on usage and maintenance conditions. Please refer to your owner manual for more information. General maintenance must be completed on a regular basis to maintain warranty status. The warranty is only available for the initial purchaser and does not cover any private rental services or agreements.

The warranty is not transferrable and does not apply to second-hand purchases made outside of HF Industries. Second-hand purchasing made through HF Industries may carry a limited custom warranty appropriate to the condition of the equipment. Please ask your sales rep at the time of purchase. 

The warranty covers the manufacturer's defect and excludes wear, damage, neglect, misuse, inappropriate use, general maintenance, etc. We reserve the right to request the return of any parts for inspection at the sender's cost prior to a warranty determination.

International Warranty:

Warranty includes parts only for all international orders outside of Australia, based on the same terms as above. Virtual assistance may be available by Skype or Facetime as required. International delivery charges may apply in some instances. 

Warranty Anchor
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