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Expanding Your Practice

What is Mindful Movement?


Here at Balanced Body, we believe that movement — particularly mindful movement — can change the way we live. But what exactly is mindful movement? Well, the concept starts with the notion that the body and mind are interconnected. Mindful movement is exercise performed with awareness. It involves mental focus, to train your body to move optimally through both athletic activities and everyday life. It’s an exercise that makes you move smarter.


You may be asking “Isn’t that Pilates?”

It sure is — and always will be. But Balanced Body now has new and re-engineered pieces of equipment that take mindful movement in different directions. Directions that include more cardio challenges, more strength training elements, and more balance work, to name a few.

Check out some of the exciting new mindful movement options that Balanced Body now offers:


Welcome to the world of mindful movement — the next step in the evolution of fitness!

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