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Clara Step Barrel LITE

All the functionality of the original, at a fraction of the weight (and cost)! 

The new Clara Step Barrel Lite packs in all of the same functionality as the original, in a portable, lightweight training apparatus. The Clara Step Barrel Lite is economical in both cost and physical footprint.

Featuring the same “high arch” as the original, the Clara Barrel Lite also includes the same rounded step and vertical cut-out handles that make the design unique. This is the preferred barrel in The Fletcher Pilates® Program as the dimensions provide greater support for the lumbar spine, more precise pelvic placement and safer spinal extension. Made of the same comfortable, durable high-density black foam as our Pilates Arc, the Clara Step Barrel Lite’s surface is smooth and slightly slicker than traditional upholstery. At just 4.3lbs (2kg), the Clara Step Barrel Lite is incredibly easy to move, stack and store!

Weight: 4.3lbs (2kg)

Length: 29.6″ (75.2cm)
Width: 19″ (48.3cm)
Height: 13.3″ (34cm)

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