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Pilates Arc

No better tool exists for improving scapular stability, functional upper body strength and posture.

Why is the Pilates Arc a best–selling favorite? Because it’s a versatile, lightweight, low–cost Step Barrel that is perfect for group classes, personal training, or home use!

Never has anything so light packed such a punch. Although it weighs less than four pounds, the versatility of the Pilates Arc makes it a heavy hitter.

Three durable, lightweight exercise tools in one:

  • An Exercise Arc. With a gentle curve on one side and a steeper curve on the other, its patented asymmetrical shape is extremely versatile for different uses and body types.

  • A classic Spine Corrector. You’ll appreciate the improved comfort and ergonomics — a gentler curve on the barrel and a more rounded step.

  • A Wedge for your Balanced Body® Reformer. Slide it onto the shoulder rests, and use it to provide back support and stability for a variety of strength and mobility challenges. Especially useful during pregnancy.



  • Weighs just 4.00 lbs (1.8kg)!

  • High-density foam, in Black. Surface is smooth and slightly more slick than traditional upholstery.



38” long x 10.5” high x 15.5” wide (96.5cm x 26.7cm x 39.4cm).

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