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Contour Step Barrel


Superior comfort and better ergonomics are the benefits of our new Spine Corrector. The elongated arch fits a wider range of body types, and the rounded step truly improves comfort and support. Both dowel and cut-out handholds are included to accommodate a variety of exercises. 16"w x 37"l x 13.25"h (41cm x 94cm x 34cm).


Upgrades for Contour Step Barrel™

Your Contour Step Barrel™ can now be upgraded to the full functionality of the Avalon® Step Barrel! Add sockets and spring arms to allow the use of springs for resistance-based repertoire. (Both sockets and spring arms are required, to enable the use of springs.)


Need springs, loops and handles for your upgraded Contour Step Barrel™?

Our convenient Accessory Package includes 2 neoprene handles, 2 cotton loops, and 2 closed-hook, long springs (yellow, very light), with a carabiner at each end for attaching to spring arm.


Also available, a retrofit kit that adds a convenient, padded mat to your Contour Step Barrel™. Pulls out when you need it, then slides underneath to store.