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Mundo Cadillac by Balanced Body

Engineered for stability, efficient adjustment and safety in use, our Mundo Cadillac supports fitness and rehabilitation with a broad spectrum of exercises from gentle core movement to advanced acrobatics.

Our Cadillac features sustainably-grown hardwood in a beautiful handcrafted base, and smooth stainless steel in the frame and canopy. The sliding cross bar system includes self-lubricating bushings and butterfly screws that promote smooth slider movement. Padded and upholstered benchtop offers comfort and cushioning during movement.


  • Table Base is 7.5cm (3″) wider than traditional Cadillacs to accommodate a broad range of body types

  • Solid wood Roll-Down Bar is 80cm (31.5″) long with inside hooks

  • Padded Trapeze Bar with padded spring sleeves and cotton canopy loop (long web, black)

  • Horizontal and vertical Slider Bars offer numerous positions for spring attachments. Butterfly knobs allow easy and secure adjustments

  • Push-Through Bar (PTB) Slide System is fast and easy, promoting flow in session

  • Constructed of anodized aluminum, the PTB adjusts up to 4 heights and can be assembled as 3-sided or 4-sided bar (safety strap and carabiner included)

  • Heavy-duty vinyl upholstery throughout with “mud flaps” to protect the tabletop mat edges from bottom-spring springs



  • 1 pair each: single D-ring loops, adjustable thigh cuffs and adjustable ankle cuffs

  • 1 pair lambswool fuzzies with long cotton webs

  • 1 Belly strap of black, cotton webbing

  • 1 pair Neoprene handles

  • Balanced Body Signature Springs™ with snap hooks

  • Trapeze springs: 2 blue (light) and 2 black (extra heavy)

  • Long springs: 2 yellow (very light) and 2 purple (medium)



  • Table surface height, including upholstery: 66cm / 26”

  • Table width: 74cm / 29.13”

  • Width, including push-through bar adjustment knobs: 78cm / 30.71”

  • Table length: 217cm / 85.43”, plus 11cm / 4.33” for canopy brackets

  • Trapeze frame height (from top to floor): 220cm / 86.61”

  • Weight: 102kg / 224.87lbs

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