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Mundo Reformer Tower by Balanced Body

Reformer, Mat and Tower, all in one. Work in multiple planes of resistance, on the Mat or moving platform, and from both sides of the Tower. The Mundo space-saving Reformer with Tower offers flexibility and new programming options.

To convert from Reformer to Tower, one lightweight mat fits into the Reformer frame at the same level of the carriage. No need to lift, flip or turn the carriage. Stainless steel Tower is engineered for stability and safety, and designed to disperse stress throughout the frame while in use.


  • Tower offers multiple attachment points for increased exercise options

  • Adjustable Aluminum 4-side Push-Through Bar (PTB)

  • PTB slide system is fast and easy, helping maintain the flow of exercises

  • Padded Twistlock™ shoulder rests are sculpted for comfort and provide quick adjustment to 2.5cm (1”) wider spacing or easy twist-off removal

  • Installation of Mat Conversion is simple: twist off shoulder rests, put aside and drop in 1 piece Mat.

  • Includes all Mundo Reformer features and benefits



  • 6 Balanced Body Signature Springs™ (2 short blue, 2 long yellow, 2 long purple) for Tower (in addition to 5 Balanced Body Signature Springs™ for Reformer)

  • 1 pair adjustable, padded thigh cuffs

  • 1 pair padded ankle cuffs



  • Reformer height, including carriage: 55cm / 21.65”

  • Reformer length with Tower brackets: 242.5cm / 95.5”

  • Reformer width with Tower brackets: 70.2cm / 27.6”

  • (Tower width, including push-through bar adjustment knobs): 78.5cm / 30.9”

  • Tower height: 188cm / 74”

  • Weight of Studio Reformer with Tower: 90kg / 198.4lbs

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