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Mundo Ladder Barrel by Balanced Body

Complete your Mundo Equipment Suite with our Ladder Barrel, an essential piece in building core strength and flexibility. Upholstered in durable vinyl, the Barrel features double foam padding for extra comfort and cushioning doing prone exercises like Swan, and side lying exercises like Side Sit Up and Mermaid.

Built of sustainably-grown hardwood, the Ladder connects to the Barrel by an adjustable sliding base to accommodate different torso and leg lengths. Adjusting distance between Ladder and Barrel is easy -- just release the knobs, slide the Barrel to the position you want and fasten the knobs.


  • Durable, beautiful reinforced frame of solid sustainably grown hardwood

  • Sliding base with up to 25cm (10”) of adjustability

  • “Comfort zone” padding for double-layer cushioning, stability, and support, on the Barrel

  • Grab bar beneath the barrel enhances exercise options

  • Upholstery: Black



  • Ladder height: 97cm / 38.19”

  • Barrel height: 89cm / 35.04”

  • Length: 120cm / 47.24”

  • Width: 64cm / 25.19”

  • Weight: 32kg / 70.55lbs

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