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Balanced Body® Battles the Dangers of Sitting: Launches the Begin Chair

Portable, Functional Furniture Supports Healthy Posture and Promotes Active Sitting

Research shows that sitting for long periods of time is linked to an increased risk of health maladies including obesity and a greater risk of dying from diseases like cardiovascular illness and cancer.1 To combat the dangers of sitting without compromising a modern lifestyle, Balanced Body®, the leading source of mindful movement equipment, information and education, has introduced a new piece of functional furniture: the Begin Chair. Begin Chair, the only portable ball chair available with comfortable lumbar support that adjusts to the spine’s natural curves, promotes healthy posture and transforms sitting into an active experience.

“Sitting for extended periods of time can be just as dangerous as unhealthy lifestyle choices like smoking,” said Ken Endelman, Balanced Body founder and CEO. “The problem is, for most of us, sitting is an integral part of a modern lifestyle. We’ve released the Begin Chair to extend mindful movement throughout our customers’ lives. Whether they’re sitting at home or at their office, this chair provides feedback to promote healthy posture and can even be used for seated exercise breaks throughout the day.”

Based on research, the key to maintaining a healthy body while sitting for long periods of time, is to maintain good posture and sit on something unstable wherever possible.

Begin Chair uses Balanced Body’s highest quality, burst-resistant fitness ball that provides the right amount of instability to activate your core muscles while seated. The attractive, patented design and neutral colors make this chair a functional addition to any office, home or studio. Pricing for the Begin Chair begins at $902 and includes:

  • Chair frame of premium stratified maple and hardwood core

  • 8-10" small ball for back support

  • 55cm fitness ball

  • Chart with sample seated exercises

  • Balls are Storm Gray and must be inflated (pump included).

Accessories for the Begin Chair are available separately. They include a cotton knit ball cover in Black or Storm Gray and a custom-designed wheel kit for added mobility.

For more information on the Balanced Body Begin Chair contact HF Industries!

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